Dirilis season 3 episode 44 in urdu facebook

In the last Episode Halima and Ertugrul are getting another son but Ertugrul has to go in search of the spy of Sultan. This is very important because if Visuilis gets first to that spy of Sultan he can get the information from him or can kill him.

Ertugrul is on the way to leave halima in this state. Actually Halima situation is not good. Arif already told to Ertugrul that Halima condition is bad and maybe the son is in reverse position. Before going to in search of Spy, Ertugrul comes to Halima and say goodbye to her and he said to her that i will come back with the help of Allah.

The maternity scene of Halima is not suitable for children so i have just fast forward in the last Episode. In this Episdoe halima got a son. Ertugrul and his soldiers are going with the companion of that spy to that cave where he left him. Visuilis was already in search of him and he got there before Ertugrul and his team.

Visulis asks him about the man for whom he got the news here. That spy dont talk and consider the martyrdoom instead of telling the name of Ertugrul. Visuilis kill him after torture. When Ertugrul and his solderos reaches there they find him dead. Aliyar says that its mean that Visulis reaches here before us so he killed him.

Ertugrul just announce to his soldeirs that this is a trap so everybody has to be careful now. When they came out the are stuck in a trap. Visuilis is there with his soldiers. After a long fight Ertugrul and his friends stucked by Visulis and Aliyar is wounded severly. While they stacked Abu Mansoor comes their to help them. When Ertugrul sees him he wonders that his Sultan is here and he help him.

After that Sultan's soldeirs also fight and Visulis run away from there. Abu Mansoor who was at the Han, is talking with the local people. He is getting information from the people. He found that everybody is admiring Ertugrul. As he was questioning the people, Aliko and Dumrul suspect him and they decide to inform Ertugrul about this man who is talking not only about the Trade but also politics.

Everybody in Ertugrul's Tent is also talking about Abu Mansoor and praying to Allah that he would be good for their tribe. Abu Mansoor asks the name of both children. They told him the name of Gundiz and also request him that they didnt named the younger one till now and they want to do the ceremony of his name which was told by their father Suleman Shah.

The name is Savci.Wa Alykum As Salam one by one video is updated in facebook page and my blogger. Brother Mujhe season 2 dekna hai but hind may nhi mil rha hai plz link send kar do hindi ki. Thank you so much aansa and Noman!

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Episode 1 to 3 in Urdu Subtitle

You have done an excellent job. Plz plz keep uploading rest of episodes. Salam, Noman bhai can u pls share the Season 2 urdu series google drive link. Please upload season 3,4 and 5 links also for download jazakallahu khaira.

dirilis season 3 episode 44 in urdu facebook

There are two more episodes of Dirilis Ertughal Season 1 75 and 76, kndly dub them in Urdu too and upload here. Similarly, Season 2 has episodes instead of Aslmlkm If anyone having season 2 urdu dubbed series please give me the link or upload it in comments. Please do not enter any spam link in the comment box.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 1 to 60 in Urdu Subtitle

Navigation Menu. Mohammad Noman Jehangir Butt. Share this:. Unknown December 6, at AM. Anayat December 9, at PM. Unknown December 14, at AM. Unknown December 27, at AM. Zeeshan March 12, at PM. Usman Ashraf February 6, at AM.After this firstly he was in Rush but after that he has an evil smile on his face.

Ertugrul is in jail inside the Han and the soldiers of him are pushed outside from the Han. He is very pleased from his heart because Sultan's doctor are failed to save him.

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Arif and other soldiers are going outside from Han. They are very worried about the situation, then they saw Ibn ul Arabi who was invited by Sultan and Ertugrul for the council meeting. When they saw him they become very happy and tell him all the story which was happened here. Ibn ul Arabi Ask them to goto Sultan but the soldiers again stop them that no-one can get enter into the Han with strict orders of Amir Saeditin.

They are ready to fight there but the right hand of Sultan comes out who knows well Ibn ul Arabi. He listen to everyone and then let ibn ul Arabi go inside. Aziz tells him thay if the people of palace learn about it that in this dire situation you have turned back ibn ul Arabi, they will burry you and us alive. Ibn ul Arabi gets in and Asks the physicians that what they have done till now.

Then they ask for some herbs and start the treatment.

dirilis season 3 episode 44 in urdu facebook

After that ibn ul Arabi asks to leave them all from there. Kopek comes out and leave Ibn ul Arabi there. Mother Hayma play a major role here from the women of Kayi. She tell to everybody to stand and tell all Turkemn Beys to come with them and they will al go togeter to the Han.

dirilis season 3 episode 44 in urdu facebook

Mother Hayma and Aslihan reaches there at Han with all Turkmen beys but again they are notwelcopmed by the solderis of Kopek. Mother Hayma tells him that thy ewant to meet with Amir Saedtin Kopek. Aziz tells them that there are strict orders of Ameer Saedtin Kopek that no one can enter to the Han. Alsihan tells him that then tell to Kopek tat only over dead bodies will go from here. Aziz tells this to Ameer so he obliged to call them inside.

When they all go inside together they are also calling that Ertugrul Bey we have come. We are all with you then they reached to Ameer Saedtin Kpoek.

Mother Hayma tells him that everytime you came here we fell into some disaster and this time you also dont disappoint us. Kopek wanmt to throw back all of them from there but suddenly what happens you can watch on screens.This is Episode In this Episode, everybody has continued their missions.

Some people have holy missions and some have evil. GonchaGul trying to emotionally blackmail Guldaaro. Guldaro is very clever he just shut the mouth of Gonchagul.

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Roshan is totally in deep love with Gul Bano. Babar is making fun of him. You will watch who the lady will be kidnapped and how. What Hamza do in this Episode. He is really back to hi senses or still betraying Guldaaro. In the last Episode, Sarim wanted the help of white beared Wise men. In this Episode, Ertugrul tells Arif to help Sarim in this cause. How is Sarim health now?

When he will fine he wants to move immediately to what? GonchaGul accomplished in a very big but evil mission. At the end of Episode, it is a very touchy the End.

It is a suspense which breaks in the end. Some important things are done in this Episode. When you will watch this Episode you will be more curious for the next Episode because the end of the Episode can't stop you here but you have to wait with patience until next Episode come. Thank you very much for Watching!Tags: Maula Jatt Mahira Khan.

Tags: Dhoop Kinaray Tanhayian. Tags: Sanam Jung. Tags: Hania Aamir Asim Azhar. Tags: Atif Aslam Pakistani Singer. Tags: Wrong Number. Share FB. Dirilis Last Episode Dirilis Episode Load More. Watch latest tv drama Dirilis at youtube, dailymotion online channels. Do you like Pakistani drama Dirilis cast, song, ost, actors, actresses, characters, controversy. Hope you will like background music, upcoming story, quotes, facebook, twitter updates, promos, mp3 title song lyrics of drama Dirilis.

Give drama reviews and win Diamond Ring via Lucky Draw. Answer can be from islamabad lahore. Spam comments will not be approved at all. Aslamoalikum Buhat achi qawish hain hum tv ki tarf se. Ager baqi drama bi urdo dubing main ho jaye to hmari aur hmare bacho ko 1 nai rah mil jaye gi. Aur Allah apko is ka ajr bi dega roze qyamat ap se darkhst hain baqi 4season bi udro dubing kare. Allah apko is qawish par jant ata kare.

Hum TV. Irfan Ullah. Mehar Babar. It is History of our Muslim Hero''''s. Excellent job done.

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Muhammad Umar. I appreciate your work. Please upload remaining seasons in Urdu dubbing on this channel. Muhammad Shoaib.

It is History of our Muslim Hero''s.This is Episode number 54 of Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. This is another tearful Episode. Aliyar is severely wounded and counting the last breathes. Aslihan is crying that my brother Stayed at foreign for so many years. After his coming to the tribe he never see a day wothout problems. Aliyar jusyt move his hand and he call Erugrul to his presense. Arif sends Ishaque to call Ertugrul immediately.

Ertugrul is busy with Sultan Alaudiin who is disguising as Abu Mansoor here. He tells all the situation of the vincity. Erugrul give a hope to Sultan that he can conquer the castle with his soldiers as he dont need of the Sultan's Army. I have just written the next scene in the previopus Episode mistakenly. While they are performing the ceremony of his nameing Ishaque comes in hurry and tells him that Aliyar Bey is calling him to his tent.

Ertugrul comes to Aliyar and Aliyar said that its time to leave the burden of this life. My sister and tribe is entrusted to you. You have to conquer Karachaisar castle and revenge of our valiant martyrs. Aliyar ask for the blessings of Ertugrul. Ertugrul tells him that he is honoured to have fought beside such a brave man as you. Ertugrul has tears in his eyes.

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While Ertugrul is here Aliyar says his testimonial and martyred. Ibn ul Arabi is praying to Allah for the excpetnce of their martyred. As he is is praying there AbdulRehman comes there to call him for saying the funeral prayer of Aliyar Bey. Aslihan is broken because she has lost a brother like his father and mother. Mother Hayma is and all tribe is going to the Funeral and Halima also want to go with them as she doesn't want to leave Aslihan alone. Aslihan ask for revenge to Ertugrul for her brother.After Completion of Season two with Urdu Subtitles with a lot of challenges now we are representing season three with Urdu Subtitles.

This is season 3 of Dirilis with Urdu Subtitles. In the previous season, Ertugrul has migrated to Byzantine borders with his trusted people. After the migration, the Kayi tribe have more and tough challenges. They have more enemies. They are not like Mongols who fight like brave warriors.

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These enemies are different who are setting traps and playing games. They are something on the face and other from inside. Ertugrul and his fellows confront with a lot of troubles in this season. This season is more interesting than previous one.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3. Episode 3

A lot of People suffered. Some of the people of Kayi martyred in this Season. Ibn ul Arabi is there to help Ertugrul with his prays. As you have seen in the previous season that Hayma mother has come with Ertugrul at the end when she knows about Guldaaro that he buys the vote of Beys.

Ertugrul has to take care of his tribe people who have trusted him.

dirilis season 3 episode 44 in urdu facebook

The first challenge was to give them food. Everybody is worried about their children. The whole tribe is looking towards Ertugrul as their hope. Ertugrul goes to a Bazar for selling his goods and what challenges he faces there you will watch the Episode. This season is more thrilling than Season 2 just like season two was more thrilling than Season One. Keep watching this season on giveme5.

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